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The Deficit Myth – Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People’s Economy

Government deficits can help us fight a myriad of problems that plague our economies–inequality, poverty and unemployment, climate change, housing, health care, and more. But we can’t use deficits to solve problems if we continue to think of a government deficit itself as a problem.



2020 Australasian Economic Theory Workshop (AETW)

The School of Economics at the University of Adelaide will host the 38th Australasian Economic Theory Workshop (AETW 2020) on the 13th  14th February 2020





Congratulations! – Qazi Haque wins Doctoral Research Medal

The School of Economics takes great pleasure in congratulating our PhD student Qazi Haque who has won a University Doctoral Research Medal for 2018. These prestigious medals have been awarded to students in recognition of outstanding thesis outcomes (in the top 3%) examined each year. Congratulations Qazi!    



Missing Women – 2019 Joseph Fisher Lecture

The School of Economics was proud to present the 2019 Fisher Lecture presented by Professor Siwan Anderson on Thursday 5 September, 2019. The School of Economics was very pleased to welcome Professor Siwan Anderson from the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Professor Anderson is a development economist and …



Reserve Bank Assist. Governor addresses Year 12 students

The School of Economics was very pleased to host a large contingent of Year 12 students from across the state to a keynote address given by Dr Luci Ellis, the Assistant Governor (Economic) of the Reserve Bank of Australia. The title of her address was Monetary Policy and Current Economic Conditions. This was followed by …



E.O.G. Shann Award presented to Prof. Jonathan Pincus

On Friday 17th May 2019  the EOG Shann Award was presented to Prof. Pincus by Assoc. Prof. Lionel Frost at a morning tea held at the School of Economics. The Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand (EHANZ) has established this Award to recognise individuals who have, over their careers, actively advanced the discipline …