Research represents an integral part of the School of Economics, and we proudly explore a diverse range of topics and areas, recognised as ‘Above World Standard for Research Excellence.*

Given the inherent interactions between economic research themes, we aim to identify our research focus areas by purpose and have highlighted some of these below.

*2018 ERA rankings

Understanding how our world works

The use of economic theories (based on rational individualism) and statistic methods (econometrics) in order to explain mechanisms behind phenomena we observe.

  • Do more guns lead to more crime? Understanding the role of illegal firearms.
  • Intertemporal discounting as a risk factor for high BMI: evidence from Australia.
  • Human = capitalism: How economic growth has made us smarter – and more unequal.

Designing and evaluating policies

Designing and testing welfare increasing policies, mechanisms, and institutions.

  • Trade, migration, unemployment, and growth.
  • Payroll taxes, social insurance, and business cycles.
  • Adding conditional superannuation to the anti-doping policy mix.

Estimating and quantifying

Developing and using data analytics (econometrics and other statistical methods) in order to identify causal effects and to quantify them.

  • A man’s blessing or a woman’s curse? The family earnings gap of doctors.
  • Linkages between oil price shocks and stock return revisited.
  • Uncertainty shocks and unemployment dynamics in U.S. recessions.

Geoff Harcourt Visiting Professorship

The Geoff Harcourt Visiting Professorship will annually invite a global leader in a field of economics to share their knowledge and experience not only with economic and business students and staff but also with the business community.

Geoff Harcourt Visiting Professorship