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1979-1999 Working Papers


Number Author Title
99-09 J. Gaffney and C. Rogers Some properties of a small open economy version of the Solow-Swan growth model
99-08 R.C. Sickles and J. Williams Turning from crime: a dynamic perspective
99-07 A.W. Hughes Hypothesis testing in the presence of one-sided nuisance parameters
99-06 T. Dao Capital flows and economic growth in a small open economy
99-05 J. Williams Getting tough on crime: will it win the war?
99-04 R. Damania Regulation and monitoring with corrupt bureaucrats
99-03 R. Pomfret

Living standards during transition to a market economy: the Kyrgyz Republic in 1993 and 1996

99-02 L. Cameron and J. Williams Substitutes or Complements? Alcohol, Cannabis and Tobacco
99-01 A.W. Hughes, M.L. King and K.K. Teng Selecting the Order of an ARCH Model


Number Author Title
98-18 S. Richardson Households, Iindividuals and Low Wages
98-17 C. Rogers & T.K. Rymes Indirect Convertibility and Quasi-futures Contracts: Two Non-operational Schemes for Automatic Stabilisation of the Price Level?
98-16 R. Pomfret & K. Anderson
Agrarian Reform in Uzbekistan: Why Has the Chinese Model Failed to Deliver?
98-15 J. Pincus Is the Treasury Subsidising Australian Undergraduates? or, Investing in Higher Education
98-14 J. Williams Property Crime: Just a Risky Occupation? Exploring the Issue with a Birth Cohort
98-13 A.W. Hughes Variable selection in the linear regression model with one-sided information and a small sample
98-12 M.L. Barnes On the nature of dependence in the volatility of US stock returns
98-11 M.L. Barnes Non-linear threshold relationships between inflation and nominal returns: a time series approach to 39 different countries
98-10 M.L. Barnes Aggregation of short-memory processes, the volatility of stock market return indices and long memory
98-09 R. Damania Why the weak win: the strategic role of investment in lobbying
98-08 R. Damania The Impact of a Goods and Services Tax on Product Market Competition
98-07 R. Damania The scope for exchange rate pass-through in an oligopoly
98-06 G. Brennan & J.J. Pincus Is vertical fiscal imbalance so inefficient? or, The flypaper effect is not an anomaly
98-05 R. Pomfret Poverty in the Kyrgyz Republic
98-04 K.J. Mitchener & I.W. McLean U.S. regional growth and convergence, 1880-1980
98-03 J. Williams & R.C. Sickles

Intertemporal Model of Rational Criminal Choice

98-02 J. Williams & R.C. Sickles On the Role of Social Capital in Youth Crime: A Dynamic Structural Approach
98-01 J. Williams & R.C. Sickles The Fable of Crime as Work


Number Author Title
96-01 P. Tisato and N. Porter Pollution control and cost minimising firm responses


Number Author Title
95-02 S. Richardson Education and Social Justice
95-01 G. Brennan and J.J. Pincus A Minimalist Model of Federal Grants and Flypaper Effects


Number Author Title
94-02 J. Pincus James Buchanan's Federalist Papers
94-01 P. Neal Credit Rationing and Uncertainty: Complementarity in Post Keynesian and New Keynesian Monetary Economics?


Number Author Title
93-02 Abdoerrahman, A.J. Fischer and C.M. Boast The Use of Animal Manure on Crops on Lombok Island, Indonesia
93-01 Abdoerrahman, C.M. Boast, A.J. Fischer, M. Gibbs and B. Glaetzer Crop Selection on Lombok Island, Indonesia


Number Author Title
92-04 I.W. McLean and S.J. Woodland Consumer Prices in Australia 1850-1914
92-03 P. Neal

The Determination of Interest Rates and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Deregulated Financial Markets

92-02 P. Travers and S. Richardson Living Decently
92-01 D.T. Nguyen The Goods and Services Tax, Intertemporal Choice and Domestic Saving: A Theoretical Analysis


Number Author Title
91-09 J.J. Pincus The Australian Constitution: What Should Economists Do?
91-08 I.W. McLean and S.J. Woodland Trends in the Composition of Consumer Expenditure: Australia 1854-1913
91-07 I.W. McLean Saving in Settler Economies: Australian and North American Comparisons
91-06 P. Travers and S. Richardson Proxy Indicators and the Real World
91-05 P. Tisato Impact of a Cost Minimisation User Cost Model on Public Transport Subsidy
91-04 R.K. Hefford Lucky Country or Fool's Paradise?
91-03 B. Eichengreen and I. McLean

The Supply of Gold Under the Pre-1914 Gold Standard

91-02 A.J. Fischer, J. Burns, M. Meyler, P. Tiernan and J. Hatch The Market For Taxi-Cab Licences: An Experimental Analysis
91-01 S. Richardson Cash Income and Full Income: Does the Difference Matter


Number Author Title
90-07 K. Lovell, S. Richardson, P. Travers, and L. Wood Resources and Functions: A New View of Inequality in Australia
90-06 D. Healey Emergence of Japan as a Capital Exporter
90-05 D. Healey Taiwan's Economic Future: Some Thoughts from a 1990 Vantage Point
90-04 P. Travers and S. Richardson Measuring the Standard of Living
90-03 D. Healey

Australian Economic Relations with Korea and Taiwan: Reflections on the Garnaut Report

90-02 P. Gibbard and R. Tyers The Distributional Incidence of Commodity Price Stabilization in an Open Economy
90-01 N.J. Thomson Fiscal Equalisation: Horizontal Balance, Efficiency and the Commonwealth Grants Commission


Number Author Title
89-12 Derek T. Healey and Bruce J. McFarlane Colin Clark reminisces: an unscripted discussion with Bruce McFarlane and Derek Healey
89-11 Derek T. Healey
Australia's interest and role in enhanced Asian/Pacific economic cooperation
89-10 Derek T. Healey
The underlying conditions for the successful generation of EPZ-local linkages: the experience of the Republic of Korea
89-09 Rod Tyers and Prue Phillips ASEAN in Pacific Basin trade: export composition and performance, 1970-1986
89-08 Alastair Fischer
The size of the swing to unseat a government: a cautionary note
89-07 Alastair Fischer
On even number of seats in parliament
89-06 Sue Richardson and Peter Travers
The conceptual flaws in poverty lines
89-05 Sue Richardson and Peter Travers
Averages and tails, the tenuous link between poverty status and standard of living
89-04 Don Gunasekera and Rod Tyers
Imperfect competition and returns to scale in a newly industrialising economy: a general equilibrium analysis of Korean trade policy
89-03 Soo Nam Ng and Rod Tyers A "booming sector'' approach to labour policy in Singapore

89-01 Duc-Tho Nguyen and Yao Chye Chiang
Exchange rate determination: the case of Singapore


Number Author Title
88-11 Duc-Tho Nguyen and Yao Chye Chiang
Covered Interest Rate Parity in the Singapore Market
88-10 Kym Anderson
Rent-seeking and price-distorting policies in rich and poor countries
88-09 Kym Anderson and Young-Il Park
The rise and demise of textiles and clothing in economic development : the case of Japan
88-08 Kym Anderson and Rod Tyers Agricultural protection growth in advanced and newly industrialized countries
88-07 Kym Anderson
Does agricultural growth in poor countries harm agricultural exporting rich countries?
88-06 Kym Anderson and Young-Il Park
China and the international relocation of world textile and clothing activity
88-05 Ian W. McLean
Growth in a small open economy : a historical view
88-04 Ian W. McLean
The distributional impact of the Depression in the United States
88-03 Rod Tyers and Kym Anderson
Price elasticities in international food trade : synthetic estimates from a global model
88-02 Rod Tyers
Developing country interests in agricultural trade reform
88-01 Derek T. Healey
Australian/Japanese economic interactions : some policy issues


Number Author Title
87-10 Philip J. Grossman Government and growth, cross-sectional evidence
87-09 Ian W. McLean Unequal sacrifice, distributional aspects of depression and recovery in Australia
87-08 Sue Richardson Who benefits from higher education?
87-07 Philip J. Grossman Federalism and the size of government
87-06 Philip J. Grossman A political theory of inter-governmental grants
87-05 Robert McNabb and Sue Richardson
The relationship between earnings and education and experience, evidence for Australia
87-04 Cliff Walsh
The distribution of taxing powers between levels of government : the possibility of state income taxation reconsidered
87-03 Sue Richardson and Peter Travers The poverty of poverty lines
87-02 Kym Anderson, Mark Britten-Jones and Richard S. Nettle
Two corrections to the standard theory of distortions and welfare
87-01 Chia Tai Tee and A.J. Fischer
Income stabilisation by borrowing and lending : the case of a finite time horizon


Number Author Title
86-08 N.J. Thomson Issues in local government rating
86-07 N.J. Thomson
Apportioning revenue sharing grants between the states : the Commonwealth Grants Commission Reports of 1981, 1982 and 1985
86-06 Derek T. Healey
Countertrade : a select bibliography
86-05 Derek T. Healey
Countertrade - solution or problem?
86-04 Kym Anderson and Rodney Tyers
Agricultural policies of industrial countries and their effects on traditional food exporters
86-03 Kym Anderson and Rodney Tyers Economic growth and market liberalisation in China : implications for agricultural trade
86-02 Peter Kolf
The demand for electricity and interfuel substitution in South Australia 1959/60 - 1962/83
86-01 Tom Sheridan
Planners and the Australian labour market 1945-1949


Number Author Title
85-05 Kym Anderson and Peter G. Warr
General equilibrium effects of agricultural price distortions : a simple model for Korea
85-04 Kevin Davis
Australian monetary policy : recent experience and some current issues
85-03 Peter Ong Boon Kwee The cyclically adjusted budget deficit in Australia : a critique of the literature and new estimates
85-02 Ian McLean and Sue Richardson
More or less equal? Australian income distribution since 1933
85-01 Michael E. Burns and Cliff Walsh
Public goods with price exclusion--market segmentation and allocative efficiency


Number Author Title
84-10 Murray Wolfson A theorem on the existence of zones of initiation and deterrence Intriligator-Brito arms race models
84-09 Murray Wolfson Notes on economic warfare
84-08 Ian McLean Economic wellbeing: living standards and inequality since 1900
84-07 Norman J. Thomson
Federal equalisation funding of schools in Australia
84-06 Ali Ahmed Rushdi
Demand for energy in the commercial sector of South Australia
84-05 Ali Ahmed Rushdi
A forecast of capacity requirements in the electricity supply industry of South Australia
84-04 Michael E. Burns and Cliff Walsh
Pricing, profitability and efficiency in the provision of excludable public goods : a demand distribution approach
84-03 Christopher C. Findlay The persistence and pervasiveness of the regulation of international trade in civil aviation services
84-02 H.F. Campbell and R.K. Lindner
Mineral exploration and the neutrality of rent royalties
84-01 Cliff Walsh
On the political economy of capital gains tax reform


Number Author Title
83-05 Bruce Chapman
Clarifying the quit-wage nexus
83-04 Bruce Chapman
Does the size of the budget deficit matter?
83-03 Bruce Chapman Testing issues of labour turnover
83-02 Bruce Chapman
A profile of the Australian labour market
83-01 Derek T. Healey
Aid and development with special reference to Australian aid


Number Author Title
82-06 H.F. Campbell and R.K. Lindner
Effect of the resource rent tax on mineral exploration
82-05 G.C. Harcourt
The 1982 G. L. Wood memorial lecture: Reflections on the development of economics as a discipline
82-04 G.C. Harcourt
Man for all systems: talking with Kenneth Boulding
82-03 A. Harrison and B. Hart A labour-market model of unemployment insurance
82-02 R.K. Lindner, R.G. Pardey and F.G. Jarrett
Distance to information and the time lag to early adoption of trace element fertilizers
82-01 J. Burbidge and A. Harrison
Testing for the effects of oil-price rises using vector autoregressions


Number Author Title
81-17 R.K. Lindner and A.J. Fischer
Risk aversion, information quality and the innovation adoption time lag
81-16 N.J. Thomson Administering local government equalisation: The Grants comissions and revenue raising capacity
81-15 N.J. Thomson Taxation reform in Australia: Some curent issues
81-14 B.J. Chapman and N.J. Thomson
School and tertiary student participation and the level of family income
81-13 P. Burns
Buyer behaviour in a multi object sequential auction
81-12 K. Davis
The Australian financial system - Directions for reform
81-11 K. Davis
Economies of scale in the payments mechanism
81-10 K. Davis
Reserve requirement changes as a monetary instrument
81-09 F.M. McDougall and D.K. Round Diversification by large manufacturing firms in South Australia
81-08 D. Healey
The Indonesian economy: an early 1981 perspective
81-07 M. Stutchbury
Government intervention and industry restructuring: the South Australian experience
81-06 M. Stutchbury
Reinterpreting the Playford legend: the industrialization of South Australia 1938-65
81-05 D. Healey
Structural change and structural adjustment in Japan
81-04 G.C. Harcourt Critiques and alternatives: reflections on some recent (and not so recent) controversies
81-03 G.C. Harcourt Notes on an economic querist: G.L.S. Shackle
81-02 G.C. Harcourt An early post Keynesian: Lorie Tarshis (or: Tarshis on Tarshis by Harcourt)
81-01 D.N.M. Starkie
Economic efficiency and road expenditures: the case of rural arterials


Number Author Title
80-10 N.J. Thomson
Cross subsidisation of rural areas via utility pricing policies
80-09 J.M. Gaffney and G.R. Anstis
Functional forms for Lorentz curves
80-08 C. Walsh Excludable public goods: On their nature and significance
80-07 G. Brennan and C. Walsh
A problem in the interpretation of the contractarian position: The impossibility of a paretian paretian
80-06 I.W. McLean
Risk and crop-mix choice in Kansas, 1874-1914
80-05 G. Brennan, D. Lee and C. Walsh
Uniform all-or-none pricing of public goods
80-04 D. Healey
Structural adjustment within the economies of Australia, Japan, Sweden and the United States in response to imports from developing countries: Lessons for Australia
80-03 G.C. Harcourt Marshall, Sraffa and Keynes: Incompatible bedfellows?
80-02 J. Piggott
Measuring the social desirability of tax changes
80-01 G.C. Harcourt The Sraffian contribution: An evaluation


Number Author Title
79-07 T. Sheridan
Opposition, Factions and Candidates in A.E.U. Elections in Australia 1907-72
79-06 D.K. Round
A Simultaneous Equation Model of Profitablity and Tariffs in Australian Manufacturing Industries
79-05 B.L. Bentick
Capitalized Property Taxes and the Viability of Rural Enterprise Subject to Urban Pressure
79-04 I.W. McLean
The Analysis of Agricultural Productivity: Alternative Views and Victorian Evidence
79-03 K.T. Davies, M.K. Lewis

Inflation First: An Evaluation of Recent Economic Policies

79-02 A. Zabalza, J. Piggott, J. Lambe
The "Demand-pull" and "Cost-push" Hypotheses: An Analytical Comparison
79-01 G.C. Harcourt
Joan Robinson: Portrait of a Lady
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