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Author Number Title
Stephanie McWhinnie 2007-05 The Tragedy of the Commons in International Fisheries: An Empirical Examination
Ian McLean  2007-04 Might Australia Have Failed? Endowments, Institutions and Contingency 
Mark Weder  2007-03 Higher Order Approximations of Indeterminacy 

Victor Pontines and Reza Siregar

2007-02 Tranquil and Crisis Windows, Heteroscedasticity, and Contagion Measurement: MS-VAR Application of the DCC Prodedure
Ralph-C Bayer and Mickey Chan 2007-01 The Dirty Faces Game Revisited


Author Number Title
Ralph-C Bayer and Frank Cowell 2006-09 Tax Compliance and Firms' Strategic Interdependence
Ralph-C Bayer and Julia Kupzowa 2006-08 Corporate Tax Evasion and Extortionist Governments
Sophie Bade, Guillaume Haeringer, and Ludovic Renou 2006-07 Bilateral Commitment
Ralph-C Bayer 2006-06 Intertemporal Price Discrimination and Competition
Ludovic Renou 2006-05 Partnerships
Colin Rogers 2006-04 Central Bank Interest-Rate Control in a Cashless, Arrow-Debreu Economy: A Comment on Wallace
Colin Rogers 2006-03 Cochrane's Defence of the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level - Clarification and Critique
Mark Weder 2006-02 Sticky Prices and Indeterminacy
Mark Weder 2006-01 Interest Rate Rules and Macroeconomic Stabilization


Author Number Title
Ian W. McLean 2005-19 Recovery from Depression: Australia in an Argentine Mirror: 1895-1913
Boris Najman, Richard Pomfret, Gael Raballand, and Patricia Sourdin 2005-18 How are Oil Revenues Redistributed in an Oil Economy? The Case of Kazakhstan
Patricia Sourdin 2005-17 Pension Contributions as a Commitment device: evidence of sophistication among time-inconsistent households
Andrea M. Leiter and Gerald J. Pruckner 2005-16 Dying in an Avalanche: Current Risks and Valuation
Richard Pomfret 2005-15 Regional Trade Agreements
Victor Pontines and Reza Siregar 2005-14 External Debt and Exchange Rate Overshooting: The Case of Selected East Asian Countries
Mark Weder 2005-13 A Heliocentric Journey into Germany's Great Depression
Mark Weder 2005-12 Indeterminacy Revisited: Variable Capital Utilization and Returns to Scale
Ian W. McLean 2005-11 Why was Australia so rich?
Eran Binenbaum and Zhang Wei 2005-10 Improved Measurement of National Income Using a Ricardian Trade Model
Eran Binenbaum 2005-09 The Power of the Provisioning Concept
Eran Binenbaum 2005-08 Knight versus Herskovits: A Methodologically Charged Debate in the 1940s
Reza Siregar and Victor Pontines 2005-07 Incidence of Speculative Attacks on Rupiah During the Pre- and Post- 1997 Financial Crisis
Tony Cavoli and Ramkishen S. Rajan 2005-06 Have Exchange Rate Regimes in Asia Become More Flexible Post Crisis? Re-visiting the Evidence
Tony Cavoli 2005-05 Sterilisation, Capital Mobility and Interest Rate Determination for East Asia
Eran Binenbaum 2005-04 Towards a Relational Economics: Methodological Comments on Intellectual Property Strategy, Industrial Organisation, and Economics
G. Carlier and Ludovic Renou 2005-03 Debt Contracts with ex-ante and ex-post Asymmetric Information: An Example
Ludovic Renou 2005-02 Supermodular Social Games
Sophie Bade, Guillaume Haeringer and Ludovic Renou 2005-01 More Strategies, More Nash Equilibria


Author Number Title
Richard Pomfret 2004-14 Sequencing Trade and Monetary Integration: Issues and Applications to Asia
Richard Pomfret 2004-13 Trade Policies in Central Asia after EU Enlargement and before Russian WTO Accession: Regionalism and Integration into the World Economy
Justin G. Trogdon 2004-12 Demand for and Regulation of Cardiac Services
Ralph-C Bayer 2004-11 A Contest with the Taxman - The Impact of Tax Rates on Tax Evasion and Wastefully Invested Resources
Ralph-C Bayer 2004-10 Finding out Who the Crooks Are - Tax Evasion with Sequential Auditing
Ralph-C Bayer 2004-09 Moral Constraints and the Evasion of Income Tax
Ralph-C Bayer and Mickey Chan 2004-08 Network Externalities, Demand Inertia and Dynamic Pricing in an Experimental Oligopoly Market
Ralph-C Bayer and Matthias Sutter 2004-07 The Excess Burden of Tax Evasion: An Experimental Detection-Concealment Contest
Charles van Marrewijk and Koen Berden 2004-06 On the Static and Dynamic Costs of Trade Restrictions
Colin Rogers 2004-05 Doing Without Money: A Critical Assessment of Woodford's Analysis
Justin Trogdon 2004-04 Litigation and the Political Clout of the Tobacco Companies: Cigarette Taxes, Prices, and the Master Settlement Agreement
Justin Trogdon 2004-03 Regionalization of Cardiac Services and the Responsiveness of Treatment Choices
Charles van Marrewijk 2004-02 An Introduction to International Money and Foreign Exchange Markets
Ian W. McLean 2004-01 Australian Economic Growth in Historical Perspective


Author Number Title
John K. Wilson and Richard Damania 2003-09 Corruption, Political Competition and Environmental Policy
Tom Sheridan 2003-08 Mandarins, Ministers and the Bar on Married Women
Ralph-C Bayer 2003-07 Finding out Who the Crooks Are – Tax Evasion with Sequential Auditing
Ralph-C Bayer


A Contest with the Taxman: The Impact of Tax Rates on Tax Evasion and Wastefully Invested Resources
Ralph-C Bayer and Matthias Sutter 2003-05 The Excess Burden of Tax Evasion: An Experimental Detection-Concealment Contest
Ralph-C Bayer 2003-04 Income Tax Evasion with Morally Constraint Taxpayers: The Role of Evasion Opportunities and Evasion Cost
Richard Pomfret 2003-03 Formation and Dissolution of Monetary Unions
Naiquan Sang and Randy Stringer 2003-02 Food Safety Concerns and Changing Procurement Arrangements by Food Processors
Colin Rogers 2003-01 Doing Without Money: A Critical Assessment of Woodford'’s Analysis of Monetary Policy in a Post-monetary World


Author Number Title

Raul A. Barreto and Kaori Kobayashi


Open Economy Schumpeterian Growth

Kris James Mitchener and Ian W. Mclean

The Productivity of U.S. States Since 1880

John Whitley 2001-07

The Political Economy of Quality Measurement: A Case Study of the U.S. Slaughter Cattle Market

John R. Lott and John Whitley 2001-06 Safe Storage Gun Laws: Accidental Deaths, Suicides and Crime
John R. Lott and John Whitley 2001-05

Abortion and Crime: Unwanted Children and Out-of-Wedlock Births

Colin Rogers and T. K. Rymes 2001-04

Indirect Convertibility and Quasi-futures Contracts: Two Non-operational Schemes for Automatic Stabilisation the Price Level

Raul A. Barreto and James Alm 2001-03 Corruption, Optimal Taxation and Growth
Raul A. Barreto 2001-02

Endogenous Corruption, Inequality and Growth: Econometric Evidence

Colin Rogers 2001-01

Krugman on Japan's Liquidity Trap


Author Number Title
Richard Pomfret 2000-09 Regional Trade Arrangements and Economies in Transition: The Central Asian Countries
Kathryn Anderson & Richard Pomfret 2000-08 Gender Effects of Transition: The Kyrgyz Republic
Cornelis A. Los 2000-07 Visualization of Chaos for Finance Majors
Jeyanthi Karuppiah & Cornelis A. Los 2000-06 Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis of High-Frequency FX Rates, Summer 1997
Michelle L. Barnes & Pedro J. F. de Lima 2000-05 Modeling Financial Volatility: Extreme Observations, Nonlinearities and Nonstationarities
Michelle L. Barnes 2000-04 Threshold Relationships Among Inflation, Financial Market Development and Growth
Richard Pomfret 2000-03

State-Directed Diffusion of Technology: The Mechanization of Cotton-Farming in Soviet Central Asia

T. K. Rymes & Colin Rogers 2000-02 On 'Money' in ISLM and AD/AS Models
Anthony W. Hughes 2000-01 Testing for Non-Normality in the Presence of One-Sided Slope Parameters
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