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School of Economics Working Papers

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2009 Working Papers

Author Number Title
Nopphawan Photphisutthiphong & Mark Weder 2009-36 Capital-Labor Substitution, Sector-Specific Externalities and Indeterminacy
Virginie Masson & Simon Angus 2009-35 What Matters Most: Information or Interaction? The Importance of Behavioral Rules on Network Effects for Contagion Processes 
Nicholas C.S. Sim 2009-34 Modeling Quantile Dependence: A New Look at the Money-Output Relationship
Thomas Lubik and Wing Leong Teo       2009-33 Inventories and Optimal Monetary Policy
Richard Pomfret 2009-32 Central Asia After Two Decades of Independence
Richard Pomfret 2009-31 Regionalism in the Asia-Pacific Region: How Wide, How Deep?

Richard Pomfret, John K. Wilson, & Bernhard Lobmayr

2009-30 Bidding for Sport Mega-Events
Sharon Harrison & Mark Weder 2009-29 Technological Changes and the Roaring Twenties: A Neoclassical Perspective
Duygu Yengin 2009-28 Appointment Games in Fixed-Route Traveling Salesman Problems and the Shapley Value
Duygu Yengin 2009-27 Fairness in Auctions and Task Assignments 
Jiti Gao, Degui Li & Dag Tjostheim 2009-26 Uniform Consistency for Nonparametric Estimators in Null Recrurrent Time Series
Jiti Gao, Dag Tjostheim & Jiying Yin 2009-25 Estimation Threshold Autoregressive Models with Nonstationarity
Mandar Oak & Anand Swamy 2009-24 Commitment and Conquest: The Case of British Rule in India
Fabrice Collard & Harris Dellas 2009-23 Monetary Misperceptions, Output and Inflation Dynamics
Kym Anderson 2009-22 Agricultural Price and Trade Policy Reform in Developing Countries Since the 1980s
Gnanaraj Chellaraj, Keith E. Maskus & Aaditya Mattoo 2009-21 Labor Skills and Foreign Investment in a Dynamic Economy: Estimating the Knowledge-Capital Model for Singapore
Kym Anderson, Will Martin & Ernesto Valenzuela 2009-20 Long Run Implications of WTO Accession for Agriculture in China
Ralph Bayer & Mickey Chan 2009-19 The Dirty Faces Game Revisited
Kym Anderson 2009-18 Terroir Rising? Varietal and Quality Distinctiveness of Australia’s Wine Regions
Kym Anderson & Ernesto Valenzuela 2009-17 Agricultural and Trade Policy Reforms in Latin America: Impacts on Markets and Welfare
Jia Chen, Jiti Gao & Degui Li 2009-16 A New Diagnostic Test for Cross-Section Independence in Nonparametric Panel Data Models
Fabrice Collard, Harris Dellas & Frank Smets 2009-15 Imperfect Information and the Business Cycle
Fabrice Collard, Harris Dellas, Behzad Diba & Alan Stockman 2009-14 Goods Trade and International Equity Portfolios
Peter J. Lloyd, Johanna L. Croser & Kym Anderson 2009-13 Global Distortions to Agricultural Markets: New Indicators of Trade and Welfare Impacts, 1955 to 2007
Johanna L. Croser, Peter J. Lloyd & Kym Anderson 2009-12 How Do Agricultural Policy Restrictions to Global Trade and Welfare Differ Across Commodities?
Will Martin, Kym Anderson & Cong S. Pham 2009-11 Effects of GATT/WTO on Asia’s Trade Performance
Kym Anderson & L. Alan Winters 2009-10 The Challenge of Reducing International Trade and Migration Barriers
Kym Anderson, James Giesecke & Ernesto Valenzuela 2009-09 How Would Global Trade Liberalization Affect Rural and Regional Incomes in Australia?
Kym Anderson 2009-08 International Trade Policies Affecting Agricultural Incentives in Developing Countries
Kym Anderson, William A. Masters, Marianne Kurzweil & Ernesto Valenzuela 2009-07 How Far Has Africa Come in Reducing its Anti-Agricultural Policy Bias?
Kym Anderson 2009-06 Asia's Role in Stabilizing Food and Agricultural Prices
Richard Pomfret 2009-05 Financial Sector and the Future of Capitalism
Jiti Gao, Qiying Wang, and Jiying Yin 2009-04 Specification Testing for Nonlinear Time Series with Long-Rang Dependence
Jiti Gao, Maxwell King, Zudi Lu & Dag Tjostheim 2009-03 Nonparametric Specification Testing for Nonlinear Time Series with Nonstationarity
Jia Chen, Jiti Gao & Degui Li 2009-02 Semiparametric Regression Estimation in Null Recurrent Nonlinear Time Series
Jiti Gao & Irene Gijbels 2009-01 Bandwidth Selection in Nonparametric Kernel Testing
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