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School of Economics Working Papers

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2010 Working Papers

Author Number Title
Duygu Yengin 2010-32 Characterizing the Shapley Value in Fixed-Route Travelling Salesman Problems with Appointments
Brian Roberson and Dmitriy Kvasov 2010-31 The Non-Constant-Sum Colonel Blotto Game
Ian W. McLean 2010-30 Responding to Shocks: Australia’s Institutions and Policies
Duygu Yengin 2010-29 Egalitarian-equivalent Groves Mechanisms in the Allocation of Heterogeneous Objects

Songxi Chen &       Jiti Gao

2010-28 Simultaneous Testing of Mean and Variance Structures in Nonlinear Time Series Models
Jia Chen, Jiti Gao & Degui Li 2010-27 Estimation in Semiparametric Time Series Regression

Jiti Gao &             Peter C. B. Phillips

2010-26 Semiparametric Estimation in Simultaneous Equations of Time Series Models
Erkan Yalcin & Duygu Yengin 2010-25 Existence of Equilibrium in Incomplete Markets with Non-Ordered Preferences
Ralph-C Bayer, Elke Renner, & Rupert Sausgruber 2010-24 Confusion and Learning in the Public Goods Game
Ralph-C Bayer & Frank Cowell 2010-23 Tax Compliance by Firms and Audit Policy
Ralph-C Bayer & Changxia Ke 2010-22 Are Consumers Fooled by Discounts? An Experimental Test in a Consumer Search Environment
Ralph-C Bayer & Changxia Ke 2010-21 Discounts and Consumer Search Behavior: The Role of Framing
Ralph-C Bayer & Changxia Ke 2010-20 Rockets and Feathers in the Laboratory
Faqin Lin
2010-19 The Uneven Roles of FTAs: Selection Effect or “Learning” Effect?
Daisy McGregor 2010-18 Australia-New Zealand Currency Union: A Structural Approach
Michael C. Burda & Mark Weder 2010-17

Payroll Taxes, Social Insurance and Business Cycles

Richard Pomfret 2010-16 Exploiting Energy and Mineral Resources in Central Asia, Azerbaijan and Mongolia
Sean Langcake 2010-15 Inflation Persistence and Labour Market Frictions: An Estimated Efficiency Wage Model of the Australian Economy
Mark Weder 2010-14 Economic Crisis and Economic Theory
Richard Pomfret, Uwe Kaufmann & Christopher Findlay 2010-13 Are Preferential Tariffs Utilized? Evidence from Australian Imports, 2000-9
Simon Angus & Virginie Masson 2010-12 The Effects of Information and Interactions on Contagion Processes
Seungmoon Choi 2010-11 Closed-Form Likelihood Expansions for Multivariate Time-Inhomogeneous Diffusions
Jia Chen, Jiti Gao, & Degui Li 2010-10 Semiparametric Trending Panel Data Models with Cross-Sectional Dependence
Jia Chen, Jiti Gao, & Degui Li 2010-09 Estimation in Single-Index Panel Data Models with Heterogeneous Link Functions
Degui Li, Jia Chen, & Jiti Gao 2010-08 Nonparametric Time-Varying Coefficient Panel Data Models with Fixed Effects
Ngo Van Long & Stephanie F. McWhinnie 2010-07 The Tragedy of the Commons in a Fishery when Relative Performance Matters
Nadezhda Baryshnikova 2010-06 Pollution Abatement and Environmental Equity: A Dynamic Study
Duygu Yengin 2010-05 Welfare Bounds in a Growing Population
Tatyana Chesnokova 2010-04 Lobby Interaction and Trade Policy
Nadezhda Baryshnikova 2010-03

Small Sample Improvements of the GEL Robust Tests for Linear IV Models and Applications

Sharon G. Harrison & Mark Weder 2010-02 Sunspots and Credit Frictions
Duygu Yengin 2010-01 Equivalence of Resource/Opportunity Egalitarianism and Welfare Egalitarianism in Quasilinear Domains
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