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School of Economics Working Papers

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2011 Working Papers

Author Number Title
Duygu Yengin 2011-34 Population Monotonic and Strategy-Proof Mechanisms Respecting Welfare Lower Bounds
Richard Pomfret 2011-33 Global Crises, Fiscal Imbalances and Global Instability: Interests and Reactions of Asian Economies
Kym Anderson & Markus Brukner 2011-32 Price Distortions and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
Markus Brukner, Alberto Chong &   Mark Gradstein 2011-31 Estimating Income Elasticity of Government Expenditures: Evidence from Oil Price Shocks
Rabah Arezki & Markus Brukner 2011-30 Rainfall, Financial Development, and Remittances: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Jonathan Pincus 2019-29 Mining Revenues. Submission to the GST Review
Oscar Pavlov & Mark Weder 2011-28 Countercyclical Markups and News-Driven Business Cycles
Duygu Yengin 2011-27 Identical Preferences Lower Bound for Allocation of Heterogeneous Tasks and NIMBY Problems
Seungmoon Choi 2011-26 Closed-Form Likelihood Expansions for Multivariate Time-Inhomogeneous Diffusions
Jonathan Pincus 2011-25 Examining Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation in Australia
Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay & Mandar Oak 2011-24 Conflict and Leadership: When is There a Hawkish Drift in Politics?
Oscar Pavlov &   Mark Weder 2011-23 Variety Matters
Ralph Bayer 2011-22 Cooperation in Partnerships: The Role of Breakups and Reputation
Risti Permani 2011-21 Revisiting the Link between Maternal Employment and School-Aged Children Health Status in Developing Countries: An Instrumental Variable Approach
Duygu Yengin 2011-20 Characterizing Welfare-egalitarian Mechanisms with Solidarity when Valuations are Private Information
Duygu Yengin 2011-19 Axiomatizing Political Philosophy of Distributive Justice: Equivalence of No-envy and Egalitarian-equivalence with Welfare-egalitarianism
Markus Brückner & Evi Pappa 2011-18 For an Olive Wreath? Olympic Games and Anticipation Effects in Macroeconomics
Markus Brückner 2011-17 Country Fixed Effects and Unit Roots: A Comment on Poverty and Civil War: Revisiting the Evidence
Markus Brückner 2011-16 Economic Growth, Size of the Agricultural Sector, and Urbanization
Yu Sheng, Chunlai Chen, & Christopher Findlay 2011-15 Impact of FDI on Domestic Firms’ Exports in China
Monica Verma, Thomas Hertel & Ernesto Valenzuela 2011-14 Are the Poverty Effects of Trade Policies Invisible?
Virginie Masson 2011-13 Information, Matching and Outcome Selection
Faqin Lin 2011-12 Labour Quality and Inward FDI: A Firm-level Empirical Study in China
Markus Brückner, Antonio Ciccone, & Andrea Tesei 2011-11 Oil Price Shocks, Income, and Democracy
Markus Brückner & Anita Tuladhar 2011-10 The Effectiveness of Government Expenditures During Crisis: Evidence from Regional Government Spending in Japan 1990-2000
Markus Brückner 2011-09 An Instrumental Variables Approach to Estimating Tax Revenue Elasticities: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Rabah Arezki & Markus Brückner 2011-08 Resource Windfalls and Emerging Market Sovereign Bond Spreads: The Role of Political Institutions
Rabah Arezki & Markus Brückner 2011-07 Oil Rents, Corruption, and State Stability: Evidence from Panel Data Regressions
Rabah Arezki & Markus Brückner 2011-06 Commodity Windfalls, Polarization, and Net Foreign Assets: Panel Data Evidence on the Voracity Effect
Markus Brückner & Hans Peter Grüner 2011-05 Economic Growth and the Rise of Political Extremism
Rabah Arezki & Markus Brückner 2011-04 Food Prices, Conflict, and Democratic Change
Rabah Arezki & Markus Brückner 2011-03 Commodity Windfalls, Democracy, and External Debt
Philipp Ager & Markus Brückner 2011-02 Cultural Diversity and Economic Growth: Evidence from the US during the Age of Mass Migration
Markus Brückner 2011-01 On the Simultaneity Problem in the Aid and Growth Debate
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