Study Economics

An Economics degree opens up a world of opportunity.

With Economics, you could develop solutions and tools to influence the world, to make a difference.

Where will Economics take me?

If Game Developer or Social Influencer aren’t the first careers that come to mind, you’re not alone.

Economics gives you meaning and power.

Here at the School of Economics we proudly teach leaders of the future. Our alumni are employed by government agencies, banks, and international organisations such as Deloitte, KPMG and PWC.

Your career in Economics

Economists are employed as decision-makers, key advisers, and as researchers who generate new ideas and find innovative solutions to big problems.

You can help develop solutions for the big social issues humanity faces today like climate change, immigration inequality, happiness, and the gender gap.

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Ben C

Benjamin Cheong

"To me, economics was the perfect supplement to my career aspirations in finance. Economics has taught me how to quantify and justify decisions. In my opinion, there are a lot of opportunities to take advantage of studying economics. Like me, students will be exposed to a range of activities. Ranging from internships at sought after firms, going on exchange to renowned universities, or even undertaking meaningful research, studying economics is full of opportunity."
- Benjamin Cheong, Bachelor of Economics with Bachelor of Finance

Bianca Peters

Bianca Peters

"The Masters of Applied Economics has made me competitive in the global job market. It was taught with real-world applications and has enabled me to apply learnings to my current job which has an emphasis on international collaborations. I have been working as a survey manager and have worked on several different data collections since graduating. I currently specialise in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey, which involves travelling out to remote indigenous communities to conduct testing of the questions and oversee systems development. "
Bianca Peters, Master in Applied Economics