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Why Study Economics?

Economics is intellectually stimulating and rewarding as it provides an understanding of the 'big picture'. A Bachelor of Economics is a degree employers value because it teaches highly revered problem solving skills.

In order to understand society, the interaction of people, how and why they make decisions and how they value their resources (time, wealth etc) there must be a coherent framework for discussion. The study of economics gives you the skills to make decisions using a universal framework that can be applied to many situations. You will learn to think logically and analytically, to discuss views clearly in a variety of forums, and to write concisely.

The study of economics is a general program within which you are able to specialise in areas of your own passion or interest, including environmental economics, international studies and accounting. We now offer the Bachelor of Economics (Advanced) for those wanting a specialised degree with an empahsis on research and advanced analysis skills.

I chose to study a Bachelor of Economics (Advanced) along with a Bachelor of Law because I felt that it would help me build the necessary skills to one day move into a leadership role. The degree has provided numerous opportunities to interact with accomplished professionals and to learn about how they got to where they are today. James Williams, Bachelor of Economics (Advanced) and Bachelor of Law

Economics is a global language, recognised worldwide; wherever you travel your knowledge and skills will be immediately relevant.

  • Why study at the University of Adelaide?

    The University of Adelaide offers the widest range of course offerings in the field of economics in South Australia. We are committed to providing the very best quality learning opportunities and an excellent, well-rounded professional education. You will be given the education and encouragement to develop to your full potential; which is why our graduates make intellectual contributions at the highest levels of business, government and the community.

    The School of Economics is also one of the few schools which offers graduate-level coursework components for Masters and PhD degrees within Australia.

  • Is a Bachelor of Economics for me?

    The Bachelor of Economics does not have any Yr 11 or 12 prerequistes, but some maths studies are recommended as economics involves aspects of applied mathematical studies. Economics in secondary school may be advantageous, but is not essential. First year economics lecturers assume students have not studied economics previously. English in secondary school is also recommended, as essay writing skills are useful in all University courses.

    Elective Courses:

    Half of the courses in a Bachelor of Economics degree are in the area of Economics, and the other half of the degree is made up of elective courses. You can choose further economics courses or courses from other disciplines, such as:

    • Finance
    • Geography
    • History
    • Environmental or Development Studies
    • Languages
    • Marketing
    • Management
    • Philosophy
    • Politics
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Computer science

    You will complete your degree in 3 years of full time study, or you can choose to take your studies part-time.

    The Faculty of the Professions Professions Support Hub can tell you more.

  • 10 reasons to undertake our Master of Applied Economics

    1. Prepares you to have impact and make a difference in a rewarding career. Economists make the world a better place through their impact on decision-making. Our Master of Applied Economics graduates make a difference by helping to improve public policy, business, consumer and other decisions. Economists may be the ultimate decision-makers, key advisers or researchers who generate new knowledge. Graduates of our Master of Applied Economics hold very senior positions all over the world with leading companies and government institutions. Read more.

    2. Tailored to suit your background. Our Master of Applied Economics is open to all students with a good undergraduate degree. Prior studies in economics are not required. For students with no prior economics studies, the degree takes 2 years (that is, 4 semesters) to complete. For students with prior economics studies, the duration may be less with the degree taking 1.0 or 1.5 years to complete (depending on the extent of prior economics studies.

    3. Options to fast-track your studies. Summer School and Winter School options are available to further reduce the time taken to complete the Master of Applied Economics.

    4. Specialisations tailored to your interests. You may choose to undertake a generalist Master of Applied Economics degree (with no specialisation) if you wish to take a wide variety of courses. Alternatively, you may choose from 3 deep specialisation options: Economic Theory, International Economics or Public Policy. Your chosen specialisation appears on your graduation certificate. You do not need to make a decision regarding your specialisation (if any) until the end of your first semester.

    5. Scholarships. Ten $10,000 merit-based scholarships are available each year. Read more.

    6. Potential to work in Australia post-graduation. Any person who undertakes our Master of Applied Economics is eligible to apply for a 2-year Post-Study Work Rights Visa (even if the Master of Economics is completed in less than 2 years).

    7. Excellent student satisfaction with our degree, our teaching and skill development. The latest available data from the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ), an independent survey undertaken by Graduate Careers Australia, show that our Master of Applied Economics received the maximum possible scores on student responses for:

    • Overall satisfaction with program quality
    • ‘Good teaching’ – the nature of teaching experience during the program
    • ‘Generic skills’ – the enhancement of selected generic skills, including analytical, communication, planning, problem solving and teamwork skills

    8. Optional pathway to PhD. If, after commencing your Master of Applied Economics, you wish to pursue a PhD, then (subject to satisfactory performance), a pathway is available to entry into our PhD program.

    9. Study at a great university.

    10. Live and study in beautiful Adelaide and South Australia.

    More information on our Master of Applied Economics is available here.

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